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W.R.S.D Workshops

Women's REALISTIC Self Defence is broken down into a variety of available workshops. These specialized workshops are tailored towards the needs of the individual, small groups and even corporate groups. These workshops are available in collaboration with event organizers. Suitable locations are established and assistance provided for marketing requirements. *ONE DAY (6hrs): This highly popular workshop covers a basic introduction into self-defence and delves into areas such as communication techniques, body language, controlling of personal space, applied physical self-defence and self-empowerment. *PERSONAL SECURITY (3hrs): An excellent overview of effective personal security providing the knowledge to protect ourselves from possible harm. *EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING (3hrs): A truly emotional journey into the dramatic effects from physical and emotional abuse. This specialized workshop helps to uncover particular triggers and starts or continues the healing process. It is also a great workshop to become more pro-active in our emotional well-being. *CONTROL OF PERSONAL SPACE (3hrs): The ultimate way to start learning how the signals we emit change the thought pattern of a possible aggressor. This workshop introduces "The Fence", a dynamic and effective method of controlling personal space when a possible physical threat is perceived. *APPLIED SELF-DEFENCE (Multiple 2hr sessions): This workshop starts the teachings of applied physical self-defence from realistic physical attacks. It is a great continuation from the workshop: "Control of Personal Space". It is tailored towards the needs of the participants. * Please note that these are short workshops and learning effective self-defence from emotional and physical aspects is recommended over a period of time. Every individual is responsible for their own security and should take every precaution to protect their personal well-being.

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