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The Pine-Wave Energy™ Program


 The Pine-Wave Energy Program is a positive approach to conflict resolution.

We all require a positive outlet in order to manage the difficulties we all face in life.

In some cases the younger generation choose the path of least resistance which tends to land them in hot water!. As a result of these choices tremendous strain is put on the family unit. Their search for love, acceptance and quite often, just someone to talk to is what leads to the hardships families may face.

The largest form of abuse in today's world is emotional. Most of which comes from those that are closest to us. The fact is, the biggest influence in a child's life is that of a same sex parent/guardian.

Peer pressure certainly becomes worse as children progress in years but in many cases it is the vital ingredients to a child's development that is missing. That vital ingredient is found at home. The unfortunate reality of today's world is that same sex connection is not as it once was. This may be for many reasons.

The Pine-Wave Energy™ program has been developed to positively help focus energy to lead by example. There is no quick fix to this. Re-focusing challenging behaviour takes time. Most of all, it takes a commitment from all parties involved inclusive of the child, parents/guardians, teachers, role models and case workers.


The Pine-Wave Energy™ program offers a unique blend of Conflict Resolution with Martial Arts. It is based upon the unique art of Shoto-Chi. An art specializing in the realistic approach to conflict resolution through the understanding of human behaviour.

Shoto-Chi is built upon a solid foundation of ethics and integrity. It is an art that teaches how to resolve conflict versus teaching how to fight. It is an art tailored towards the needs of the individual.

The art focuses on psychology within conflict. It takes a pro-active approach to resolving conflict by teaching effective verbal and nonverbal communication. Like all other martial arts there is the physical aspect. Shoto-Chi teaches though a unique method built around fluency-in-motion. A method of training the mind to assist the body using simplistic and holistic movements. Shoto-Chi teaches through realistic scenario training by encompassing real emotions that allows for realistic results.

“We live a life of choices, choosing right over wrong and ethics over convenience.”

The major plus side of the Pine-Wave Energy™ program is the integration of psychology. Students learn the importance of open communication and how perception plays a huge part in conflict. We work with the individual to go within to find answers versus passing blame elsewhere. Should your child require support in the following areas, we would love to help…
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Family Mediation
  • Anger Management
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Lack of Focus
  • Lack of Self Confidence
  • Requiring a Positive Role Model
  • Simply...Someone to talk with

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