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The Origin of Shoto-Chi

Founded in England, U.K. in 1990 by Robert James Norton, Shoto-Chi became a unique and independent martial art in the late 90’s. Originating as a form of karate due to the founders origins, the art developed into something dynamic due to the founders original vision for constant evolution and passion for conflict resolution. Shoto-Chi_Historypics72 On May 25, 1990 the founder opened his first club in his home town of Haverhill. At the time he was only 17 years of age. By this time he had already devised the grading syllabus and changed some of the methodology of what he had been taught. He had developed new katas and introduced a modern feel. As the years progressed he constantly adjusted the art to suit those he was teaching. It wasn't before long when he realized that the belt system was no longer working for his approach. At the beginning of 1996 after much internal conflict the founder officially broke away from the traditional approach. He opened up a club built solely around self defence and a realistic approach at that. This had no gi's or belts. No gradings, katas or syllabus to follow. It focused solely on self defence and better still it focused on the individual. The techniques became smaller, faster and more in line with how the brain reacts in real life. The founder was loving the fact that he was adapting every technique to suit those that were learning them... and it worked. He found that there where still those that liked the recognition of belts. As a result he developed an optional tailored grade system but ensured that there was no visual representation within the classes. In this same year and due to the direction Shoto-Chi had taken, it was mutually agreed upon that Shoto-Chi was no longer a recognized form of karate and therefore became a unique and independent art. Shoto-Chi_Historylogos72 In 1999 the founder received recognition for developing a new unique system. At this time he was awarded the title of Master. It was around this time that he also thought about branching out. In the early part of 2001 the founder moved to Canada. Upon the move he continued to push the art in new directions. He continued to study human behaviour within conflict and found that injecting psychology into the art helped it to grow to an unprecedented level. Due to the tailored approach he had now adopted he decided to teach more on a private basis than at club level. As the years have progressed, Shoto-Chi has constantly evolved to match the founders original vision but more importantly those he teaches. In addition to teaching the full art he also developed the following specialized programs: BullyProof Canada: A step by step process for helping school communities come together to combat bullying. WRSD (Women's Realistic Self Defence): Tailored workshops and parties for women inclusive of the emotional aspect of abuse. Pine-Wave Energy: A specialized program for helping children with challenging behaviours.  

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