Conflict Resolution Specialists


My three years of training in shoto-chi has built my self confidence and awareness of what's going on around me. It teaches me to stay in control and remain calm when conflict arrives which a lot of art don't teach. When I started my first year of training, my interest was more on the physical aspect .By learning and understanding the psychology behind the Fence technique which Shoto-Chi is based on, it helped me to see the art in a whole different way. When you combined the verbal, psychology and physical, it makes it an effective tool to resolve or defuse conflict. I have one of the best instructors ever known. He brakes down every move to the simplest form to make sure you grasp the whole concept and understanding of what you are doing and why you doing it. Shoto-Chi is not about taking someone down with the techniques learnt. I can in most cases prevent a situation from escalating, even if I do end up in physical conflict then I am trained to use all that I've learnt to end the conflict. I am moving on to a different level of training and looking forward to greater things in this art. – Student Rob's insightful & individually tailored approach to self-defence is a revelation. He's not only honing my ability to protect myself physically but intuitively as well. He is a born teacher. – Nikki Shoto-Chi has taught me to become a better person. I was in a dark and hate filled place when I started. I was involved with theft, lying and a seriously bad attitude! Now I’m more focused, calm, respectful and happy. I have beat the fear of confrontation and learned to be assertive – Student Master Rob Norton taught my son. My son has made me so proud of him. Rob is a wonderful person, so full of love and self respect, if anyone is thinking about a martial art, this is the one to learn, and I am sure that anybody who knows Rob would agree that this man is so focused and sure of life. – Mother of former student I began my training in Shoto-Chi with Master Norton in 1993 at waterbeach near cambridge in England, I was 15 at the time. My first initial thoughts were of a class that was for me very structured, very disciplined, and physically demanding. It was probably what I needed as I always tended to shy away from physical activity, especially at school. In a year I had changed physically for the better, plus I had a new outlook on what I personally wanted to achieve in life, and also giving me much needed confidence.  I achieved a brown belt in Shoto-Chi, my only reason that I did not continue in my training to black belt and beyond was distance to train. But even in the later years of my training, I could see how Master Norton was evolving the style dynamically, and I got to experience some of this firsthand. I also tried other kinds of martial arts since my training finished with Master Norton from Free style karate to JKD, and tang soo do to name a few, but for me Shoto-Chi is where I began my training, and for me set the standard on all other styles I will train in, in the future. - Neil Rogers My experience with Mr. Rob Norton began almost 2 years ago when I was looking for someone to teach realistic self defence. It was a welcome relief to find someone who took the real life approach and with the individual in mind. This was further enlightened with the personal training I took with Rob to get a clear understanding of what was to be presented and how it was going to be imparted. I hosted his Women's REALISTIC Self Defence course last spring in conjunction with my fundraising efforts to raise awareness for an organization that assists women who experience violence in all its forms. The participants and myself felt reassured and more knowledgeable as we were given the tools, techniques and skills to understand how to deal with an uncomfortable situation that may arise. In addition, we were able to touch on past experiences shared by the participants that we were able to discuss openly with the intention to identify the causes, understand the reactions and the after effects. It was a well rounded course that brought about a positive transformational result for each participant. I found Rob's teaching approach to be by far the most realistic that I have had the pleasure of training and learning from. - Viktoria Kalenteris

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