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Taking An Intelligent Approach

Shoto-Chi PEI promotional ad

Shoto-Chi PEI promotional ad

Shoto-Chi is an art that is tailored towards the needs of the individual. As everyone is unique, teaching a uniformed pattern of moves and thought process may not be in the best interest of those learning. We take a detailed and intelligent approach to learning how to effectively resolve conflict. This starts with us as we must learn how to communicate effectively with ourselves and also understand the signals we are sending out to others. We then look to understanding those that are portraying hostility towards us through the understanding of human behaviour. The art is tailored; so if the the needs of the individual learning Shoto-Chi is to learn better verbal communication then that becomes the focus. If someone is a great communicator but needs to focus on the physical aspect then that's what we focus on. "Teaching is about the student, not the ego of the teacher!".


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