Conflict Resolution Specialists

Private Tuition

Private & Semi-Private Tuition is offered through Shoto-Chi and taught directly by the founder of the art. After an initial 2-3 hour personal session with the founder in which you complete a Psychological questionnaire, training is developed and tailored to suit the individuals needs. Due to the tremendous diversity of the art from learning about Conflict Psychology and effective Communication Skills inclusive of verbal and nonverbal, to physical Self Defence, NLP, EQ, Relaxation forms and much more, students are well and truly catered for. The founder is well-known for his extremely unique way of teaching his art and does so through a strong code of ethics. He teaches life strategies and how to positively focus energy. He breaks down every nuance so that students learn the absolute methodology and psychology behind what they learn. He teaches what is classed as a "self-development style of tuition". This style of tuition trains the brain in ways in which to teach itself, to adapt and open to new ideas. Over the years the founder has become extremely proud of the impact that Shoto-Chi has had on his students lives. It has helped students to gain true self-confidence, develop valuable life skills, help other obtain their goals and teach that true self defence is more than physical and true conflicts lie within us.    


Tailored towards the individuals needs Individual attention Confidential Council Personal development Goal focus, preparation and accountability Direct tuition from Founder Rob Norton Ph.D.

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