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New Student Assessment

Due to the complex nature of the art, all potential new students undergo a new student assessment. This assessment is psychologically based and is aimed at understand the mentality of a potential student. Shoto-Chi was founded upon a solid foundation of ethics and the founder is extremely proud of where the art has come from. He also wants to ensure the integrity of the art is maintained by those learning the art. The very nature of the art is non-materialistic and aimed at teaching conflict resolution. The assessment is structured in such a way to gather information on how potential students see others as well as themselves. It can be done as a group or as a private consultation. All information gathered within the assessment is kept strictly confidential by the arts founder or certified instructor. The new student assessment usually last a couple of hours but fluctuates based upon the needs of the individual or group. Upon completion of the assessment the founder or certified instructor will then start to build the initial stages of your personalized training schedule. The beauty of such a dynamic art is the ability to tailor towards the individuals needs. By focusing on the individuals natural reactions in helps in the self-development style of tuition that the art is known for. To find out more about this new student assessment you can email the founder direct at: Please use "Student assessment" within the title field.

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