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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics was written by the founder to represent the foundations of what the art was built on. Shoto-Chi is an art that teaches life strategies. It was developed to show that through the studying of human behaviour we can make a difference. Not only can we improve our own life but also have a tremendous impact on others as well. This is that Code of Ethics. As individuals we take pride in who we are, always seeking to not only improve our own life, but also that of those around us. We understand that the challenges we face, the obstacles we overcome, and the achievements we make will make us stronger. That our positive attitude can create remarkable results, and that the choices we make will determine our future. We make the choice to not live in the past, but to look towards the future with great optimism and see things for not only as they are now, but also how they will come to be. Our dreams will become reality. We will go over, go under, go around, or we will go through, but we will never give up on our dreams. Every day brings a new hope. We will not waste this new day as when tomorrow comes we know that this day would have gone forever. We will ask ourselves everyday, what can we do today to improve our own life and that of those around us? We live a life of choices, choosing right over wrong and ethics over convenience. Master Rob Norton

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